Netflix Testing Promo Videos After Completion of an Episode

Netflix Testing Promo Videos After Completion of an Episode. This info first reveals when some Redditers complains that they are forcing to see promo videos in between Netflix episode series. However, after listening to them Netflix officials decides to not launch this.

Talking about the Netflix subscribers, many of them believe it is a nice idea. Because the promos are not poping eventually when they are watching an episode. Meanwhile, these promos are prompting when a user completing watching an episode. Some of them believe via these promo videos users can also explore other contents that are rolling out on Netflix.

Netflix Testing Promo Videos After Completion of an Episode: Info

Instead of a different side, many users want to enjoy Netflix totally ad-free as they are paying a monthly subscription fee of $8. This feature doesn’t roll out globally. It is explored by some of the Netflix subscribers while the officials are testing it.

About this unwanted feature, Netflix officials currently say right now they are not sure, whether they bring this feature globally or not.

What do you think about this new feature inside Netflix? Do you want to explore Netflix content yourself or Do you want A.I. to decide your taste? Ping us in the comment section below.

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