YouTube Web Player Adapts Different Aspect Ratio
YouTube Web Player Adapts Different Aspect Ratio | Image Credits: YouTube

Today, Youtube Quietly rolls out an Update in which YouTube Web Player Adapts Different Aspect Ratio. This new update reveals in YouTube Help forum when a Community manager answers a question to the user. There she reveals that this new update is for YouTube Web Player. However, YouTube has already rolled out this feature in Mobile Platforms like iOS and Android. The video player automatically adapts the size depends upon the size and ratio of the video.

How YouTube Web Player Adapts Different Aspect Ratio?

When a video is not wider like 16:9 and in fact, a vertical one the player shrink the black empty space till video. We have shown the difference in the screenshot below.

Vertical Video (Before)
Vertical Video (After)

Similarly, for SD video the black empty space asides of videos are gone in the new update. Compare using the Screenshot below.

SD Videos (Before)
SD Videos (After)

In 16:9 aspect ration the YouTube Video player limit some videos by shrinking it from the top and bottom. However, after this new update, the video player grabs the extra white space from top and bottom to correctly show the video. In all the videos you may notice that the black bars are gone now. Now you feel like Youtube simply affix the video on the page without editing it.

16:9 videos (Before)
16:9 videos (After)

Let see whether YouTube update about this new feature via their blog post or not. Because if YouTube officials don’t post officials about this new update in their blog post they may roll it out just for testing.

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