YouTube 3 New Tools Channel Membership Merchandise and Premieres
YouTube 3 New Tools Channel Membership Merchandise and Premieres

In this article, we are going to tell you about YouTube 3 New Tools Channel Membership Merchandise and Premieres. Youtube officials add these tools to help creators generating more revenue through their channel. So, if you are a Youtube creator then, I think you have to read this article. Here we will explain about all these three tools in detail. Moreover, we also give the info on how to use these tools.

Actually, Youtube officials have added 3 more tools to their platform, these are:

  1. Channel Membership Tool
  2. Merchandise Tool
  3. Premieres

Let’s talk about all these 3 tools in detail.

YouTube 3 New Tools Channel Membership Merchandise and Premieres: Explanation

1. Channel Membership Tool

With Channel Membership tool a creator can ask their subscribers to pay a monthly fee of $4.99. Moreover, by giving this fee a subscriber will get exclusive content from creator side which includes a unique badge, new emoji, exclusive videos etc. However, YouTube officials say that they give the channel membership tool to those channels which have more than 100000 subscribers. Moreover, they also list some eligibility criteria that a channel must fulfill to get this tool.

2. Merchandise

Merchandise is another revenue generating product for Youtube creators. However, Until now they have to sell their merchandise via some other platforms. Due to the lack of this Facility, they have to expend some extra money from some external service. But soon YouTube adds some tools to the Platform by which a creator can directly sell their merchandise via Youtube. However, For now, Youtube officials have given this facility to US Youtube Channels only. Moreover, they must have 10,000 subscribers to get this tool on his/her channel.

3. Youtube Premieres Tool

By Youtube Premiere tool a creator can post a video on Youtube Premiere Section. Moreover, In this section, All the subscribers can watch this video along with creators and chat also on live chat. You can think of Youtube Premiere as a Cinema Hall where all the subscribers and Creator will together watch a video. Moreover, they all can chat with each other also.

Our Opinion

In our Opinion, Youtube has to release the Direct Merchandise Facility for Indian Creators as well. There are so many Indian Creators which seriously need this facility. By the way thanks to Youtube to Add these three facilities to its platform to help creators to generate more revenue.

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