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Today Google Earth Adds Measurement Tool in Chrome and Android. According to the Google Earth developer team, Google earth users request for this feature for a very long time. Those of You who don’t know about Google Earth, it is a program made by Google which represents earth in 3D from in every aspect.

The main purpose to launch Google Earth is to give 3D images of Earth. However, Now the application fulfill other purposes like giving users the Street View, Pictures of Mars, Moon & Night Sky.

Google Earth Adds Measurement Tool in Chrome and Android: Info

Now, Today, Google Earth team adds another useful tool in the Google Earth repository. With the Measurement tool, one can measure the distance between two points on Google Earth application. Moreover, A user can also measure the perimeter and area. By this feature, one can measure the area of a field or some location remotely without going to the location in real. This will definitely help all the civil engineers and reduce expenses while they go to some location to mark the measurement. Now, they can do this right on their laptop or computer by sitting in their home or office cabin.

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Below we present you some snapshots which Google Give in their Blog post of how this new feature works.

Google Earth Adds Measurement Tool in Chrome and Android Snap
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Do let us know in the comment section below whether you like this new tool by Google Earth team. Also, post how you are going to use this tool in your day to day life.

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