YouTube has added the Incognito mode to its Android app
YouTube has added the Incognito mode to its Android app

YouTube has added the incognito mode to its Android app. Now with the help of this new feature, users can hide their Youtube’s browsing and search history from the YouTube server. Incognito mode provides a private space for the user, where a user’s search and browsing history will not show publicly. However, experts say that even by surfing in incognito mode your ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider can easily see your activity.

YouTube has added the Incognito mode to its Android app: Why?

However, YouTube introduces the incognito mode for another reason. Whenever we watch any video on YouTube, YouTube begins to recommend the related video. In this way, our YouTube session is ruined to see a specific type of video. In such cases, it would be better to surf the youtube with YouTube’s incognito mode.

How to Turn ON Incognito Mode in YouTube Android App?

The Incognito mode in YouTube is not ON by default. So if you want to watch a video in incognito mode, then you have to turn on incognito mode first. To turn on Incognito mode first you have to open your YouTube app. Then click on your avatar which is present at the top right corner. Here you will see the option of Incognito mode. You can turn ON/OFF Incognito mode by clicking on this option.


You will only see incognito mode in your YouTube app if your app version is 13.25.56. So, We recommend you to update your YouTube App from Playstore first. The incognito mode is currently in YouTube Android app.

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