Microsoft Edge Browser Visual Search Feature Rolls out for iOS
Microsoft Edge Browser Visual Search Feature Rolls out for iOS | Image Credits: Microsoft

Today Microsoft Edge Browser Visual Search Feature Rolls out for iOS Platform. Now iOS users can easily explore a Photo. Microsoft Edge Browser Visual Search feature has been already rolled out for Android Platform back in June 2018.

Microsoft Edge Browser Visual Search Feature Rolls out for iOS

To explore a photo just tap on the camera icon after opening the Edge Browser. You could also Snap a photo or choose it from your phone library. Moreover, using this feature you can also search for an item within a Photo. Let me explain to you in detail.

Microsoft officially clarifies that this feature works on Intelligent AI. So, if you find any item interesting in the photo, you can also explore for it. for example, you snap a photo in which you find a jacket interesting. Then, you can search for that Jacket directly within the photo. AI explore the Jacket and instantly gives you some search results. These results contain shopping links of similar Jackets which you select in the photo.

This feature is a part of Bing Intelligent Visual Search. So, Make sure you configure Edge Browser by selecting Bing as the default search engine. By default, Microsoft has select Bing as the search engine until you change it.

With this new feature, you can also easily explore the landmarks near you. Visual Image is quite the best way to search for an item in your surroundings. You can’t compare it with the text search because the other one has limitations. Moreover, here AI and very complex algorithms do all the tasks. So, do let us know in the comment section down below, how many times you will visual search? Do you weight it high with respect to the text search?

Finally, if you want to take a shot and enjoy this feature, make sure to update your Edge browser with the latest patch.

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