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Today LinkedIn Voice Messaging is Globally Rolling Out to Better Express Yourself. Voice Messaging is now a common feature which we find in most of the platforms today. LinkedIn is quite slow rolling out this feature. Well, now with LinkedIn Voice Messaging user will also be able to send Voices messages.

How does LinkedIn Voice Messaging Feature work?

To send a voice message in LinkedIn, Simply tap and hold on the mic icon which you can find in the chatbox. Once you record your voice message release the mic icon to send your voice message.

Suppose during recording a voice message you release you don’t want to send it then you can simply slide away to cancel sending the message.

Why is LinkedIn Voice Messaging Better?

Sending a Voice message is quite faster in comparison to sending a text message. Moreover, In a voice message, you can express yourself more relevantly but text messaging limits you. Yes, of course, voice messaging sucks more data in comparison to text but compare other factors too.

Sometimes users are not getting on a call, in that scenario voice messaging will become quite useful. Invoice messaging front user feel your message because you send it in your own voice.

Presently, Voice messaging is the quickest way of communication with the via the most authentic source i.e. your voice. Most of the social networking platform already enable this feature. LinkedIn is quite slow here. In fact, LinkedIn is quite slow in rolling out popular features.

LinkedIn Voice Messaging is rolling out globally, so most of you may not find this feature right. But Don’t worry you will definitely enjoy using it in the upcoming weeks. It is rolling out for all the platform which include iOS, Android and the Web.

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