Instagram Shows Green Dot for Active Chat
Instagram Shows Green Dot for Active Chat | Image Credits: Instagram

Now Instagram Shows Green Dot for Active Chat in Direct Messaging Panel. Today Instagram Introduces a small new feature in its Chat Panel. Now, Instagram users see a green dot next to their Friend’s Profile picture in the Instagram chat panel when they are online.

Previously, Instagram only shows the Active now label below the profile picture in the chat panel. In our opinion, this short improvement in the chat panel is a nice one because it removes some confusion for Instagram noob users. So, now when you see a green dot right next to your friend DP in Instagram chat panel you can DM him/her.

Moreover, You can turn off and on this feature for yourself by disabling the Show Activity Status. You find this option in the Instagram setting panel. One more thing if you turn off this option you also won’t see your friend online and offline status directly.

Instagram parent company Facebook has already this feature present both on the desktop as well as in the Mobile platform. Now, Instagram team imprint Facebook’s footstep in the Instagram Platform too.

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