Windows 10 Screen Sketch Update Brings Sharper Screenshots
Windows 10 Screen Sketch Update Brings Sharper Screenshots | Image Credits: Microsoft

Windows 10 Screen Sketch update brings sharper screenshots. In Screen Sketch Latest version Microsoft fix the Blurry Screenshots issue. Different users who rolled out in the Windows 10 Insider Program reports that they get a blurry image when they take screenshots and edit it using Screen Sketch Program.

Windows 10 Screen Sketch Update Brings Sharper Screenshots in the Latest Build

Taking all these reports into consideration now Microsoft team fix this issue by releasing a new Build. In the latest 10.1806.1901.0 Build of Screen Sketch App, Microsoft team resolve this issue.

Those of you who don’t know Screen Sketch is an Image Annotation tool Present in Windows 10 Insider Program Presently. However, It was initially a part of Windows Ink Program. In Windows Ink, Screen Sketch presents in the Workspace menu. There also with the help of Screen Sketch option user can edit or draw sketches on the Screenshots. However, Now it is an Individual application by which you can annotate screenshots and photos.

Windows 10 Insider Users take a Screenshot using Screen Snip and edit is using Screen Sketch, by Pressing Win+Shift+S Key together. Then, after taking screenshot users to get an option by which the screenshot will open in Screen Sketch App for further editing.

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