Microsoft Edge Browser Introduces Web Authentication Feature
Microsoft Edge Browser Introduces Web Authentication Feature | Image Credits: Microsoft Blog

Today, Microsoft Edge Browser Introduces Web Authentication Feature. So now Edge users gain passwordless web experience. Web Authentication feature allows a user to sign in to a web platform via their fingerprint, face recognition, and PINs. A user can sign it to a web platform via web authentication only if the web has the feature otherwise they can’t.

Microsoft team releases this feature because Passwords are hard to remember. However, on the other side In Web Authentication user don’t have to remember anything except in case of PIN authentication. Almost 90% of sites on the web has currently not this feature, in fact, they work via Password authentication.

In this field, Microsoft has been leading by enabling this feature first in their Browser. In fact, Microsoft team says they are testing this feature since 2016.

Microsoft Edge Browser Introduces Web Authentication Feature: Info

Web Authentication feature works as soon as Build 17723 releases. When this feature rolls out, users can authenticate on any device that has Windows 10 via Web authentication. Microsoft clears that Web Authentication feature works via Windows Hello (a program in Windows 10).

Web Authentication not just work only on Windows 10 devices, If a website admin implements this feature on their site this feature works there as well.

Those users who want to test this feature right now have to register in Windows Insider Program.

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