WhatsApp Introduces Voice and Video Calling in WhatsApp Groups

Today WhatsApp Introduces Voice and Video Calling in WhatsApp Groups. However, this feature is available only in iPhone and Android App. It means that it won’t work in WhatsApp Web.

According to WhatsApp officials, users take 2 billion minutes of calls per day in WhatsApp. So, now after integrating Voice and Video calling in WhatsApp group, this number will increase in future.

WhatsApp Introduces Voice and Video Calling in WhatsApp Groups: How it Works?

In WhatsApp Group Voice and Video calling, a user can take a Group call with a maximum of 4 people. Suppose you are on a one to one WhatsApp voice or video call in a group. Now, you want to add some other person in the group to join the voice or video call. For this, there is a button “add participant” in the top right corner. Tap that button and you can add one by one(maximum four) participants in the call.

Further, we know that last year WhatsApp introduces the end to end encryption in messages. Moreover, this feature was first introduced by the messaging app “Telegram”. After this, WhatsApp enables the end to end encryption feature in its voice as well as video calls too. Now, if you are thinking that whether the group voice and video calling are end-to-end encrypt. Then, the answer is a big YES.

Right now, this feature works only in the latest version of Android and iPhone App. Maybe In future, WhatsApp officials rollout this feature for WhatsApp web too. So, To use this feature first you have to update this instant messaging App. You can do so by visiting the play store or App Store.

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