WhatsApp Reduce Message Forwarding Limit in Groups
WhatsApp Reduce Message Forwarding Limit in Groups

Today WhatsApp Reduce Message Forwarding Limit in Groups. Now, Users who live outside India can forward a message to only 20 Groups. Whereas, In India, this restriction limits to 5 Groups only. Moreover, WhatsApp developers also remove the quick forward button which is present right next to every photos and video present in WhatsApp.

According to company officials by introducing and correcting these features the rate of misinformation spreading will decrease. However, it is not a full proof solution.

Why WhatsApp Reduce Message Forwarding Limit in Groups?

Recently, In India due to Fake Message Forwarding, several incidents occur which result in the death of innocent People. Moreover, After these incidents, IT Ministry warns WhatsApp that these kinds of incidents won’t occur in Future due to this Instant Messaging Platform.

Taking the Indian Ministry warning into Consideration, WhatsApp does several things to aware people about the Fake news. WhatsApp first time publishes a full-page advertisement in Indian Newspapers. Moreover, In these advertisements, the Team list out several points to identify fake messages or news.

After Advertisements, WhatsApp developers add the Forward Message label a new feature in the Platform. By this feature, a user distinguishes between a forward and a normal message. And now, WhatsApp Reduce Message Forwarding Limit into Groups. Moreover, the platform also removes the Forward arrow from the Platform.

Let see What are some other features WhatsApp introduces to Control fake news. Of course, these features tighten the rate of spreading of Fake news. However, it is not the permanent solution.

In India, Elections are coming next year, therefore WhatsApp team are working on other Fake news verification system. This system will more or less like the system which WhatsApp recently presents in Mexico. Moreover, About the Introduction of this System WhatsApp team collaborates with the Election Commission of India.

Let see whether WhatsApp will achieve a healthy Image or not in Future.

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