WhatsApp Forwarded Message Label
WhatsApp Forwarded Message Label

The Green Company can soon roll out a very cool feature i.e. WhatsApp Forwarded Message Label. This is feature will help you to differentiate between a forwarded message and a message which someone types and sent it to you. Let me clarify it by explaining it to you how it works.

Why is WhatsApp Forwarded Message Label Necessary?

In WhatsApp university, the trend of message forwarding is very popular. And Definitely why not it saves time and increase your engagement on WhatsApp. However, Due to this trend, the government of almost every country faces another consequence i.e. Fake News and Message. A simple feature of WhatsApp which can make a Boom i.e. the Little WhatsApp Forward Button. Day by Day WhatsApp gains its popularity in the field of fake news spreading too. Because of this government officials also gives the WhatsApp officials to find a solution to overcome this problem. Now, WhatsApp seems like comes with a solution.

What is WhatsApp Forwarded Message Label?

According to the latest Beta Version of WhatsApp i.e. Version no. 2.18.179, if someone sends you a message or a news by using the WhatsApp forward Button, then the message you receive has a “Forwarded Label” also. Therefore, By this forwarded label you can differentiate between a message that someone types and send to you or simply forward to you. Moreover, if someone copy-pastes the message and send it to you, then that message doesn’t contain the Forward Label.

How to Forward a message on WhatsApp Right Now?

In WhatsApp, you forward a message by simply holding the message for a second. Then, some options will pop out on the top. From those options, you select the forward icon which is present in the top right corner. When you tap on that forward icon, a list of all the people of your WhatsApp contact will open. Finally, from that list, you choose those people whom you want to send the message.

Do you think that by this feature officials control the fake news spreading, if so how, if not how? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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