How to Get Your Aadhaar Update History
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In this article, we are going to explain you to How to Get Your Aadhaar Update History? Aadhaar Update History is a brand new Feature that UIDAI introduces recently. By introducing this new feature Aadhaar users will access all the Updates which they have made so far in their Aadhaar Account. Moreover, this feature is right now in Beta Phase. But soon officials also give the live version after the testing completes. However, In Beta Phase also you can access your Aadhaar Update History. Before, Talking about How to get your Aadhaar Update History, first let’s talk about its Importance and Use.

What is the Use of your Aadhaar Update History?

According to officials, it is useful when you are going to attend an interview for a job. There they want your address details for the past 3 years or something. Moreover, Official also says that this feature is not limited only to the address. As the update history gives you the details about any updates you have made so far in your Aadhaar Details. These updates include your Name, DOB, Address, Mobile No. etc. Therefore, If you stuck in a situation where you have to verify your newly updated Aadhaar Details, then Aadhaar Update History will prove to be a life savior for you. Okay, that’s it for now, Let us know how to access the Aadhaar Update History?

How to Get Your Aadhaar Update History?

To access the Aadhaar Update History Feature you first go to the UIDAI Aadhaar Update History Official Portal. Let me tell you that, because this feature is in Beta Phase right now, so in future, the link might not be working. In that case, please ping us in the comment section down below.

After Entering into the Portal Fill out all the necessary details i.e. Your Aadhaar Number, Captcha and the OTP which the portal sends to your Phone. The OTP will send to that Mobile No. which your registers in your Aadhaar Account.

When you complete the above step, you will get the list of all the updates you have made so far in your Aadhaar Details. However, If you do not get any list that means you haven’t made any updates in your Aadhaar Account so far. Moreover, If you get the list then let me tell you, you can print it out for further use.

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