delete facebook search history
delete facebook search history

Delete Facebook search history: Intro

How to delete facebook search history? Sounds Cool! If you use Facebook, then you must have used Facebook Search. So let us tell you that your search query keeps stored on the Facebook server as log files. So if you want to delete your search query from Facebook’s server then definitely please read our article.

Whenever you search anything on Facebook like the name of a celebrity or your friend’s name etc. So Facebook stores this search request on its server as your activity log file. However, these activity logs can only be seen by you and Facebook. One more thing it does not violate the Facebook privacy policy. But we do not think there is a point to keep your activity logs stored on the Facebook server for a long time. Facebook says that it stores the query so that in the coming time if you do that search again, then you will see that result first.

But in spite of all, if you want to delete your Facebook search history, you can easily do this by following the steps given below.

How to Delete Facebook Search History

First of all, you have to log in to your Facebook account.

Then you have to open this page on Facebook: Clear Facebook Search History

As soon as you open this page, you will see all your Facebook search history so far.

Clear Facebook Search history
Clear Facebook Search history

Then you can do whatever you want to delete from your search history. If you wish, you can delete your entire facebook search history at a time. That’s it.

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