Block Website Windows
Block Website Windows

Block Website Windows: Intro

In this article, we gonna guide you to how to block website windows. Why would anyone want to block the website? First of all, ask yourself these questions and if you do not know the answer then we will tell you. We may have many reasons for this, due to which we can block the website. For example, if a website is spreading a virus or there is some mature content on the website or maybe the website is stealing your personal data etc. Due to some similar reasons, you can block websites.

In today’s our article, we will tell you how to block website Windows.

Do you know what is the backbone of the Internet today? Today, the Internet relies on DNS. DNS means domain name system. Its job is to convert an IP address into a word that can easily be remembered. So whenever you access a website, you definitely need to get help from DNS. One more important thing is to access any website is the host file. The host file is stored in the user’s device. In this host file, all the pieces of information are locally stored. Today we will learn to block any website with the help of this same host file.

Steps to Block a Website in Windows

First, you have to open your computer. You must have administrator access.

Then you have to reach this location of the C drive: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

How to Block any website windows Snap 1
How to Block website windows Snap 1

After this, right-click on the host file and click Open. Then open it in Notepad.

How to Block any website windows Snap 2
How to Block website windows Snap 2

After opening in Notepad, check that the last two lines of the host file are:

# localhost

# :: 1 localhost

Now, to edit anything in this host file, you must have a full control over it.

To get full control, right-click the host file and open the properties then open the security panel.

After opening the security panel, check whether you have full control over it or not.

How to Block any website windows Snap 3
How to Block website windows Snap 3

If not, then you go to the edit and check the full control option.

Once this is done, put the website that you want to block in the last line of the host file. You can do it in such a way just as we are explaining in the photo below.

How to Block any website windows Snap 4
How to Block website windows Snap 4

At last, After performing all these steps, you have to restart your computer. In some cases, it is even not necessary.

Hope, you guys like this article. Do let me know in the comment section below. We are also open to suggestions.

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