How to Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos Videos Automatically

Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos Videos Automatically

In this article, we gonna guide you to How to Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos Videos Automatically. Indian users love WhatsApp very much. Whether it is video calling or instant messaging, users like all of its features. Today, People can form groups in WhatsApp and message them all at once. Though it is easy to use WhatsApp, sometimes the user becomes also quite disturbed by it. Let’s assume that if someone sends you the image or the video then WhatsApp downloads it automatically. There are also some cases when the user doesn’t want to download some image or video file. But, if you are installing the WhatsApp it is already present in it. In such type of situation, the user’s phone memory gets completely full.

So is there a way to which we can prevent the automatic download of images and video files in WhatsApp? Yup! our answer is yes, there is a way. In our current article, we have told you about this.

How to stop download images or video files in WhatsApp automatically?

First of all, you have to open your Whatsapp.

Then you have to tap the three dot in the top right corner which you see.

Then you have to tap settings.

How to Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos Videos Automatically? | Snap 1

After this, you have to tap Data and Storage use.

Here you will see a lot of options. Here you find the category Media auto-download.

How to Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos Videos Automatically? | Snap 2

In it, you have to tap When using mobile data.

Then you have to uncheck all the options.

How to Stop Whatsapp Saving Photos Videos Automatically? | Snap 3

To uncheck all the options in When using mobile data category means. Whatsapp will not automatically download images, videos, etc. when you are using mobile data. Now the images WhatsApp will download the image only when you tap on that image.

In the same way, if you want, you can prevent images and videos from being automatically downloaded in the WiFi category also. We mean that when you are using WhatsApp with WiFi.

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