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Hide Whatsapp gallery | The Intro

Hide Whatsapp Gallery: Well we all use WhatsApp in our day to day life today. As a matter of fact, we also care about our privacy on the WhatsApp. Everybody is sending you photos in Whatsapp. And that photo remains open in your phone gallery. You may have locked your WhatsApp account. But did you think that if anyone wants, they can easily see private photos of your WhatsApp account in your phone gallery? So, What is the solution?

Don’t worry, Today We will be going to show you how you could hide your Whatsapp folder from the phone gallery which is predefined present in your phone gallery when you installed the Whatsapp application. In my opinion, this method becomes handy sometimes for you. Undoubtedly, We are going to sure you by applying this method you definitely enhance your privacy in your phone. Furthermore, By applying this method you can also hide any photo folders present in your phone gallery like Instagram, your photo app etc. So, without wasting any time we are going to tell you straight how you can enable this on your phone.

Steps to Hide Whatsapp Gallery

First of all, you have to open your phone file manager where all the files of your phone applications are present.

Now, you have to locate your Whatsapp folder.

Hide Predefined Whatsapp Gallery Snap1

After locating the Whatsapp folder, you have to rename the Whatsapp folder by placing a dot at first in the name. Like, rename Whatsapp to .Whatsapp.

Hide Whatsapp Predefined Gallery Snap2.jpg
Hide Whatsapp Predefined Gallery Snap3.jpg

After renaming the Whatsapp folder. Finally, You notice that your Whatsapp folder disappears from your photo as well as file manager gallery.

If you want to again see the Whatsapp folder. You have to open the options on your file manager like shown below and click on show the hidden files.

In the file list, you see lots of file along with. Whatsapp folder. Next, you have to again rename it to Whatsapp. Bingo your Whatsapp folder is again going to show in the file manager as well as your photo gallery.

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