How to access Free Wifi Internet Available on Railway Stations
How to access Free Wifi Internet Available on Railway Stations | Image Credits: Railwire

In this article, we are going to tell you to How to access Free Wifi Internet Available on Railway Stations? In 2016, Under the Prime Minister Digital India Mission, Indian Railway’s ISP Railwire has given a Task. The Task is to assemble Wifi Hotspots on 400 Railway Stations across India. On Thursday Railwire complete the task by connecting the Last Station with the Wifi Hotspot. This Last station is Dibrugarh which is in Assam.

Some Details of Railwire’s Free WiFi Internet on Railway Stations

Moreover, A user can access this Wifi Free of Cost. These Free Wifi Hotspots are available at 400 Selected Railway stations across India. In these free Wifi Hotspots, a user can access the high-speed Internet for 30 Minutes in total. However, the maximum data a user can use is 350MB in total in one Registration. For Registration, A user has a Mobile No. and a Handset available which has the wifi facility. A Mobile No. is necessary because it receives an OTP for registration. By this OTP Railwire’s Network validate you as a white User who wants to connect to his network.

How to access Free Wifi Internet Available on Railway Stations? (Guide)

  1. First of all, make sure, you are present at one of those 400 stations which we mention above.
  2. When you sure you are at the right station, Open your phone settings and go to the connection menu. Then, Tap enables the Wifi Option.
  3. After enabling it, Swap from the top of your phone and press for a while on the wifi Option.
  4. There, you see a list of wifi networks available near to you.
  5. Tap on the Network which name is more or less like Railwire WiFi SSID. Here, SSID may be some numbers of letters.
  6. As soon as you tap on the Network a secured webpage will open in your default browser.
  7. Now, the Actual registration process starts to access the free Wifi.
  8. On the top right corner you see a start option, tap on it.
  9. Then, a prompt will open which ask you to enter your Mobile No. Enter your mobile no. in it. Make sure you enter that mobile no. which is handy to you at the moment. That mobile no. will receive an OTP.
  10. Feed the OTP in the section which the prompt provides you.
  11. As soon as you enter the OTP, you will able to enjoy the free Wifi for 30 Minutes. However, the Data limit is 350MB.
  12. Moreover, you can repeat this process by entering another number and feed the OTP there.

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