Samsung Unveils Lightweight Portable SSD X5
Samsung Unveils Lightweight Portable SSD X5 | Image Credits: Samsung India

Samsung Unveils Lightweight Portable SSD X5 in India that is based on Thunderbolt 3 Technology. The SSD comes in three variants of 500GB, 1TB, and, 2TB storage space. The 500GB Variant will cost you Rs 27,999, 1TB variant will cost you Rs 48,999 and finally, the 2TB variant will cost you Rs 97,999. Samsung SSD X5 gives you three years of limited warranty.

Okay, let’s talk about this Samsung SSD X5 features.

Samsung Unveils Lightweight Portable SSD X5: Features

1. Read and Write Speed

What makes this SSD cool is its writing speed which is 2.3GB/s. It means you can upload a 138GB file in 1 Minute to this SSD. So, this ultra-fast write speed overcomes the glitches issue that many creators found when they edit a 4K videos. Samsung achieves this writing speed because of the Thunderbolt 3 technology that works on 40Gbps bandwidth. Talking about the read speed, it is even faster than the write speed. Samsung SSD X5 gives you a reading speed of 2.8GB/s. This reading speed is 5.2 times faster than a normal SSD whereas 25 times faster than a normal HDD. This is all about the read/write speed of the device. Beside speed Samsung SSD X5 also have several other cool features.

2. Security and Data Protection

Taking about the device secuity and data protection, it has inbuilt AES 256 hardware data encryption. It means your SSD is fully secured for Financial transaction and e-business. Moreover, it also gives you password protection and additional security settings that you can configure easily.

3. Build Quality

Samsung also deeply focus on this SSD built quality too. Officials say it is shockproof from G-forces if it accidentally drops from a height of 6.6 feet. Moreover, this device also has Dynamic Thermal Guard Technology which helps it to overcome overheating issues. Full metal finishing with the non-slip mat at the bottom makes it even cooler.

You can read about it full specification in detail at the official blog post.

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