Microsoft Surface Go Tablet Available Now for Orders
Microsoft Surface Go Tablet Available Now for Orders | Image Credits:

Today Microsoft Team announce that Microsoft Surface Go Tablet Available now for orders. But Right now it is available in US and Canada Only. However, Later this month it will be made available in other countries markets as well. Let me tell you that Microsoft Surface Go is a sleek Tablet which combines the power of Mobility and Performance.

Even that Microsoft teams presents a comparison report of Surface Pro with iPad Pro. The result of this report says an Employee using Surface Pro can save 72 workdays a year.

Microsoft Surface Go Tablet Available Now for Orders: Variants

First of all Microsoft Surface Pro comes in Two version. The first one is for the Non-Commercial users. However, the send one is for the commercial users. The difference is the non-commercial users of Surface Pro have Windows 10 Home edition, however, the Commercial one has Windows 10 Professional edition. Both of these Non-Commercial and Commercial Surface Pro comes in two Variants. The first with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of Storage. However, the second one with 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage.

Microsoft Surface Go Non-Commercial Tablet Price

Talking about the Price Margin the 4GB/64GB variant will cost you 399 USD. However, the second one with 8GB/128GB variant will cost you 549 USD.

Microsoft Surface Go Commercial Tablet Price

The 4GB/64GB variant will cost you 449 USD. However, the second variant will cost you 599 USD.

Microsoft Surface Go Tablet Available Now for Orders at Microsoft Store. Right now this tablet is not available in India. Via Resellers, it is available for order in approx 25 countries for now.

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