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Today, Microsoft Launcher v4.12 for Android brings Several New Features. Moreover, Beta Testers already enjoys these features. It means that these features are not part of the stable release i.e v4.12. Microsoft always tries to give its launcher for Android the best shape, so that it will easy to collab with Windows 10 OS.

There are several cool features you find in this stable release. Some of which are opening the app drawer with cool animation which will now present at the bottom of the screen. The v4.12 of Microsoft launcher can easily tackle Android 8.0. However, With this new release, the launcher now turn over its handle for Android 4.1 and its lower version. It means that it will not work anymore with Android 4.1 and its lower version. Okay, let’s come to point, what are all those features which are now stuck with Microsoft Launcher v4.12.

Microsoft Launcher v4.12 New Features

Let’s meet with the very first feature i.e. Parental Control. So now your kids won’t open any nasty sites if you already install Microsoft Launcher in your Phone.

With this new update, Microsoft also gives UI a sleek importance by improving the Folder & App icon gestures. Now Swiping a Folder will open it and Clicking and App icon will launch it.

You can now apply Web Filtering with the help of Family card.

Moreover, as we already stated above, this new update brings full support for Android 8.0. On the other hand, with this new release, Microsoft launcher isn’t compatible with Android 4.1 and it lower version.

If you want to give Microsoft Launcher for Android a try you can do so by clicking on the link. Do let us know in the comment section below, which launcher are you using on your Android Smartphone. In fact, Did you really use a launcher or not? Ping us below in the comment section.

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