Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Supports 5G
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Supports 5G | Image Credits: Twitter @donovansung

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 supports 5G, this news confirms after the company global spokesperson unveils a photo. Last week, Xiaomi showed us the Mi Mix 3 phone’s front camera inside the slider. This week, Mi Mix 3 has again warmed up the atmosphere in the tech community. Now one Xiaomi spokesperson reveals a photo via his twitter handle. In this photo, if you look closely at the phone’s navbar, the 5G network is present there.

However, If we talk about 5G network, currently it is not rolled globally. However, There are some places where the 5G network is available, but the network is available at those places as the test is going on.

Xiaomi will launch this flagship phone in October 2018. The company’s spokesperson Sung says that we tested this phone on 5G network and here we got 10x download speed in comparison to the 4G network.

If you look closely on the snap, we realize this model also gives a space for LTE connection.

That’s it for now, we bring updates to you as soon officials reveal anything about this phone.

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