Microsoft Separates Search and Cortana

Microsoft Separates Search and Cortana in Insider Preview Build 18317. Beside that there are several other important features and improvement you’ll see in Insider Preview Build 18317. In this article, we talk about all those important features and Improvement.

First come first let’s talk about Cortana and Search Box separation.

Microsoft Separates Search and Cortana

Microsoft made Cortana for Voice based searching however, search box is for text based searching. However, users have their own preferences, some uses Cortana that most whereas some uses Search the most. There are also who uses a combination of both. Moreover, not just separating the two feature, the group policies are also separated but familiar with each other. Recently, Microsoft integrates Microsoft To Do App with Cortana. This is all about Cortana and the search box in the Insider Preview Build 18317. Its been a week Insiders uses this feature, however, Microsoft ask their recommendation about this new improvement too.

Start Menu Improvement

Another important improvement in Insider Preview build 18317 is with start menu. Do you know that, your Windows 10 start menu is run by a shared program called ShellExperienceHost.exe. However, In preview build 18317, Microsoft developers patch a separate program for your start menu. They call it StartMenuExperienceHost.exe. It’s benefit attach with the debugging if some issue occurs with Start menu.

Font Installation Improvement

Another major improvement you’ll see in 18317 is associated with Font Installation. Microsoft team has made the font installation super easy in this build. You can easily install a font simply by drag and drop a font in the font installation page. The font installation page in Windows 10 is present at Settings < Fonts. You can install a font for all the users of the computer by simply right clicking on the font and select Install for all Users.

Separate page for Windows Insider

In build version 18317, Microsoft team creates a separate page for Windows Insider Program. You can access this page at Settings < Update and Security < Windows Insider Program. If you want to change your Insider ring settings like switching to slow ring from fast ring and vice versa, you can do it via Pick your Insider Settings option.

In 19H1 build versions, Microsoft team locks the inbox apps, therefore, you may not able to see Photo Preview via Photo app. However, you can enable it by going to the settings page of your Photo app and then, enable Join Photos Preview option.

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