Windows 10 Inbuilt Screen Recorder
Windows 10 Inbuilt Screen Recorder

Have you guys know about Windows 10 Inbuilt Screen Recorder. I think most of you don’t. No matter how much you are using Windows 10, still there are some hidden features present in this operating system which you don’t know about. In this article, I am talking about one such such feature.

This feature is not present extensively by the same name. However, it is present with the same functionality in a native Windows 10 app called Gamebar. Microsoft team actually give Gamebar so that user can record Game Clips, Screenshots and Broadcast videos. However, you can use it as a screenrecorder too.

To access Gamebar you can type the same name in cortona and click on the game settings. However, you can also use the shortcut by pressing the WIN+ALT+R button, this will start and stop recording via Gamebar.

Not just screenrecording the shortcut (WIN+ALT+PRNTSCRN) you are using to take screenshots is actually a Gamebar shortcut in Windows 10.

By default the captures you take goes to Windows default Video folder.

Signing in to your Twitter Account in the Gamebar setting let you broadcast the video directly on your Twitter handle too.

You can also broadcast video on Xbox as well as Mix by signing in to the respective account in the Gamebar settings.

Beside using the default shortcut, you can also use your own custom shortcut.

This is all for now, do let us know in the comment section below.

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