Microsoft Passwordless Account
Microsoft Passwordless Account

Let’s talk about Microsoft Passwordless account and How it Works? Have you get the news that Microsoft is shifting towards Passwordless environment for Windows 10 and Microsoft products. Yeah, Soon Microsoft make Windows 10 accounts Passwordless and in this article, I explain you how this new system works.

Microsoft developer has already enable this feature in Windows 10 Insider Build 19309. Moroever, soon you can find it on Windows 10 Codename 19H1 around april this year.

How Microsoft Passwordless Account Work?

Okay, lets come to the point. Right now, if you sign in to your Microsoft account, it requires you two things namely your email id and your password. However, In the new system you just have to provide your Phone number. Now, when you sign in to your Microsoft account you get a 9 digit code at the number you provided. You have feed this 9 digit at the respective place. Moreover, Microsoft doesn’t give you this 9 digit code everytime you want to sign in to your Microsoft Account. They give you this code only when you try to sign in to your Microsoft account from a new device.

You can use Windows hello later to set a PIN, FingerPrint or Face Login. So, what do you deduce from all of these? Well if you ask me, first I don’t have to feed or remember any password. Moroever, this new system makes Microsoft environment more spam free.

Now, you can relate this with Windows 10 too because lots of features are dependent on Microsoft account login in Windows 10. This new system also leads to breakdown of Windows Privacy at some extent.

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