PUBG Vikendi Cement Factory
PUBG Vikendi Cement Factory

In this article, we list out all the PUBG Vikendi Locations. Vikendi is the latest map popular multiplayer royal battle game PUBG introduced recently. However, many of you confuse right now, where to land your Parachute initially. Well you will not if you know the name of the locations available in this latest map.

However, Beside naming locations I also point out where you get the best loot and possible airdrops. So, lets start this journey by naming all the PUBG Vikendi Locations.

PUBG Vikendi Locations List


Castle | Credits: PUBG.COM

This is one of the location where you find the best loot and possible airdrop. Starting out the gameplay, the first thing to do to survive till last is finding out the best weapons at first. However, you can do it if you know the right place to find the best loot. Mark out this is one of those.


Goroka| Credits: PUBG.COM

Remember Pochinki, Goroka is the Pochinki of Vikendi Map. Situating at the center of the whole map makes this location more markable for loots and air drops. So, note down this location for your next initial landing in Vikendi.


Volnova | Credits: PUBG.COM

Heavily crowded city with lots of hotels. Here you can also find more supplies because there are lots of buildings and hotels present there.


Cosmodrome | Credits: PUBG.COM

Cosmodrome is actually a space center in Vikendi Map which flops down and shut down. This is also one of the loacations where you find loots and supplies.

5Dobro Mestro

Dobro Mesto | Credits: PUBG.COM

This location is popularly known by its Famous clock tower. Here you also find several houses means loots are available there.


Winery | Credits: PUBG.COM

Another Location where you can find ammunitions.

7Cement Factory

PUBG Vikendi Cement Factory
Cement Factory | Credits: PUBG.COM


Cantra | Credits: PUBG.COM


Podvostro | Credits: PUBG.COM

10Dino Park

Dino Park | Credits: PUBG.COM


Trevno | Credits: PUBG.COM


Zabava | Credits: PUBG.COM

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