PUBG Corp Bans 30000 Fraud Players
PUBG Corp Bans 30000 Fraud Players

PUBG Corp Bans 30000 Fraud Players account who uses Radar hacking technology to show opponent location on another monitor. In Radar Hacking Technology player collects the server information and all data (Via VPN) that are necessary to grab opponents location. Then, they populate their opponent location on a secondary display device.

Of course, this is not a problem if you are playing PUBG Just for fun, however, it is, if PUBG enlists in an e-Sports Competition. The same happens in case of PUBG’S European and North American e-Sports competition. PUBG Corp detected some players are using this Radar Hacking Technology to populate opponent position onto a secondary display device. We tell you How PUBG Corp detect his fraud.

One of the most popular PUBG Player TEXQS (real name Ozdemir) who belongs to Pittsburgh Knight also falls down to fraud players. PUBG Corp says they also blocks his account. Giving response Pittsburgh Knight says they will ban TEXQS from their Group, until they fully complete the investigation.

Pittsburgh Knight Response About TEXQS Ban | Credits:@KnightsGG

Not Just TEXQS there are a total of 30000 PUBG Players who are cheating in the Game Play via this technology from all over the world.

Now, Coming to the Point of How PUBG Corp detects which players are cheating and all that. You guys know, recently PUBG introduces the Vikendi Map. In this map PUBG not only brings the cool snow map but this map also contains security enhancements. One such enhancement is PUBG Anti Cheat algorithm called BattlEye. This is the same algorithm which helps PUBG Corp detects the Fraud Players.

Do let us know in the comments below, Have you ever use Radar Hacking Technology or cheat codes in PUBG?

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