PUBG Mobile India Series 2019
PUBG Mobile India Series 2019

PUBG Corporation, Tencent Games and OPPO collaboratively organizes PUBG Mobile India Series 2019. A PUBG competition where the Grand Prize money is Rs. 1 Crore. Those of you who are well aware of PUBG competitions, On October last year PUBG Mobile Campus Championship happens. However, that event was only limited to College students. But PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 is the first Open-PUBG-Mobile-Tournament.

So, In this article, we explain you How you can register for this series plus also explaining you this series rules. Therefore, before explaining How to register for this Tournament, let me first tell you its rules.

Let me first present you the Tournament Schedule.

Registration9 January – 23 January
Online In-Game Qualifier21 January – 27 January
Online Playoff’s10 February – 24 February
Grand FinalsMarch

The exact date for Grand finale is not yet known, However, you can again revisit this article later and may be we update the exact date with you.

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PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 Registration and Rules

Level 1: Registration

First you have to register for the Tournament. To register you need a group containing four member (or you can say a four member squad). If you already have a 4 member Squad and have a Squad ID great. You can join the competition via Joining a Squad option, where you have to feed your Squad ID.

Now, Talking about the other case, where you have not form the 4 member Squad yet. In that case you can use the other option called Creating a Squad. When you use this option, you actually create a Squad in which you invite other 3 players to join.

Once you complete forming a Squad and feed your Squad ID in the panel, you complete the first level of this competition. Now, you are good to go to the second level.

To clearly understand, What I am taking above, you can see the below video.

Level 2: Online-In-Game Qualifier

In the second level i.e. In Game Qualifier, now you have to play 15 Classic mode Erangel matches with your Squad. Now, of all these 15 matches you play, the best 10 matches it counted towards your ticket to the second level. Note that officials count these 10 best matches upon your number of kills. There are also some situation in which tier occur between number of kills. Well in that situtation, the tie breaks via other factors like, Survival Time, Accuracy like that.

Level 3: Online PlayOff

In this level there are a total of 3 rounds which is played between February 10 to February 24. The first round takes place between February 10 to February 15. Decision takes place on Best of 1 i.e. a knockout match. Now, In the first round Top 2000 squads are distributed in 100 groups with each group containing 20 squads. Now, the match happens between these 2000 squads and the top 400 squads will move to Round 2.

Coming to Round 2, which run in between February 16 to February 19, top 400 squads qualifies for this round forming 20 groups with 20 squads in each. Again matches starts in between these 400 squads and the top 80 squads move to Round 3. In this round also all the matches are Knock out one.

Round 3 runs in between February 21 to February 24 and are the best of 3 type. From this Round Top 20 teams are selected and move to Grand Finale.

Level 4: Grand Finale

20 Teams enter into Grand Finale. The exact date of Grand Finale is not yet known and may be released soon. When officials reveal the date we will update it in the respective place in this post.

PUBG Mobile India Series 2019: Where to Register?

You can register for this event by go the link which I mention below. Just copy paste and enter the link in your browser URL and you are good to go.

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