7 Best Feature Google Assistant Brings at CES 2019
7 Best Feature Google Assistant Brings at CES 2019

In this article, we list out 7 Best Feature Google Assistant brings at CES 2019. Few years back we don’t know in future we get some kind of digital assistant which make our digital task a piece of cake. However, Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and many more made it possible. They introduce digital assistant. Anyways in this article, I am not talking about all of those, however, here I Pinpoint Google Assistant Only. The reason is Google introduce several new features in it at CES 2019.

So, now after introduction of these features Google assistant is even more powerful. Below I make a list of all the 7 new features that Google assistant grab recently.

7 Best Feature Google Assistant Brings

Google Assistant and Google Maps Patch Up

The very first feature I like the most in Google Maps this year is because of Google Assistant. Developers from Google now Patch Up Google Assistant with Google Maps. While this patch up not only makes the Google Maps interactive but also bring some advanced features like estimated time arrival. Don’t make your eyebrows up, with this feature you will able to send your ETA with your contacts via WhatsApp, SMS and other mediums.

Google Home Hub InterPreter

If you own a Google Home Hub device, you can now use it as your language interpreter too. Let me simplify it further, suppose you want to translate a word to some other language and want to see the translated version on the screen. Well Google assistant do this task for you. On one side you see the words you ask to translate whereas on the other side you see the translation. Moreover, you can also turn on the audio version for the translation so as to interact with someone easily.

Google Assistant Connect

This helps you to interact with those smart devices that doesn’t have Google Assistant inbuit in it. It means with your Google assistant device you can interact with other smart device that doesn’t have Google assistant in it. Therefore, soon you can enable any random air conditioner with your Google assistant. All you have to say is “hey Google, Turn on this AC for 5 minutes” like that.

Google Assistant Gentle Wake Up

Google and Philips partners with each other to give us various features we can play with smart bulbs. For example, We can let our smart bulb automatically turn on via our wake up alarm.

Google assistant Car assessories

Google is looking forward to partner with JBL, Verizon, Anker to bring Smart Assistant to integrate with car accessories. This makes a person to send text messages, calling easier via voice during driving.

Smart Message

This year Google assistant may brings some smart messaging features. Some of these include automatically reading and replying to a message you receive or send.

Google Assistant Enabled on Android Lockscreen

Android users get the most out of Google Assistant. Now, it is present at the user’s phone lock screen too. Therefore, one can respond for an alarm, message, check nearby restaurant even from their lock screen. They don’t even have to unlock the lock screen.

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