pause updates in Windows 10 Home edition
pause updates in Windows 10 Home edition

If you are looking to pause updates in Windows 10 Home edition right now you can’t do so. However, soon you can, when Windows 10 will release its 19H1 build also called Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Windows 10 May 2019 Update is coming this late may commercially to all users. Now, Windows 10 Professional edition users can pause updates right now. Microsoft already provide this facility to them. They can pause an ongoing update for a total of 35 days.

On the other hand, Microsoft now announce Windows 10 Home users can also pause update for a total of 35 days after the release of Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Not Just Windows 10 Home users Microsoft confirms any Windows 10 Edition can now pause update for upto 35 days. The earlier plan of Microsoft was to give Windows 10 Home users the facility to pause an update for upto 7 days only.

Note: One can pause both the Feature as well as Monthly Update for upto 35 days after release of Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Earlier, Microsoft decide when to roll out an update and install it automatically on user’s machine. Now, After getting a large number of feedback from users and also confident about their Update build quality, Microsoft decide to let user control when to install an update on their machine. Okay Let’s see How Pausing updates in Windows 10 (any edition) will actually work.

With 19H1 Build rollout, All Windows 10 Users will see a new Download and Install Now option in Windows update section when a new update came out. Let me show you how it looks in the screenshot below.

Windows 10 Update Pause Option | Credits: Microsoft

Beside Checking in the Windows Update section, Microsoft gives notification to their users when a new update came out. Now, In the Above screenshot you can see now it is upto user when to download and install the update. However, Microsoft decide to automatically update your device with the new feature update when the previous update version support end comes near.

Let me evaluate the pausing updates for 35 day further for you, because it is not like the way you think. Actually, you have to pause an update 5 times to extend its download and installation upto 35 days. This is because you can pause an update for a total of 7 days upto 5 times. After that Microsoft will not let you to further pause an update, they install it.

Moreover, with this new update (i.e. 19H1 build) you can choose the active hours of your device to install an update efficiently.

This is all about How update Works in Windows 10 after release of Windows 10 May 2019 update?

There are some cases when you have to pause an ongoing update. I cover an article in which I explain How to Pause an ongoing windows update. In that article, I also explain about different types of Windows 10 update.

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