how to book tatkal tickets in only 30 seconds
how to book tatkal tickets in only 30 seconds

How to book tatkal tickets in only 30 seconds?

The festive season is starting. In such a situation, people will go to their home or anywhere else and in the meantime, the battle of the railway ticket will start. All train seats have already been booked 4 months ago. In such a situation, people only support Tatkal tickets, but getting instant tickets is equivalent to winning rust. By the way, you can book an instant ticket in less than 1 minute with a trick. Today in this article we gonna tell you about how to book tatkal tickets in only 30 seconds from home.

However, you will know, however, first of all, let us first tell you that the booking for the instant ticket starts at 10 a.m. Bookings for slipper starts at 10 a.m., while bookings for AC start from 11 a.m. If you find yourself in the next slide, the method of booking.

What do you need to do?

First of all, you have to download a Google Chrome extension on your computer. The name of the extension is Tatkal for Sure. To download the extension, click on the three-dot in the right side of Google Chrome and then go to More and go to Extensions.

After downloading the Tatkal for the Sure extension, open it. It will show you next to three dots in Chrome’s right side. Now sit on your system sometime before 10 o’clock and check the internet connection.

After the extension is open, it will see the option of Create new trip. Click on it and now log in with your IRCTC ID. Now fill the form just like you fill the form for the ticket. Now the payment option will be available, fill the details of card details or internet banking. However, you can also enter the CVV number later.

You have nothing to do now. As soon as the booking starts, you have to click on Book Now. Now the website of IRCTC will open where you only need to insert captcha, all the work will be done by yourself and your ticket will be booked. Yes, for this, your internet connection and your typing speed should be good.

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