Refine Your Google Search by Using After and Before Command
Refine Your Google Search by Using After and Before Command

In this article, I am going to explain you How you can refine your Google Search by using After and Before command. How many of your have used Google Search Operators to search Google like a pro. I mean everyone is searching google to get a desired result but some of us will get. Infact Google Teams are also working day and night to achieve this task. However, still they have’t achieve this thing and improving it further day by day. So, In situations you like to refine your Google Search to an extent to get the exact result you desire, you could use Google Search Operators. About Google Search Operators I already cover an article, I think you should read it to know more what I am talking about.

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I assume all of you have read the article I mention above. Now, coming to today’s topic, from past few year Google working on a command or you can say search operator by which you could filter search results by date.

There are two commands via which you could narrow down your search results to certain date after or before. These two commands are before and after whereas there format are before:yyyy-mm-dd and after:yyyy-mm-dd or before:yyyy and after:yyyy.

Now, What does these commands mean and how you can use it to refine your search result?

Suppose, you to find out the Best Phones in India Before 2011. Now, if you search in Google with same query in that I mark in the bold, then if you will encounter some results that are not exact. I mean you could get a result that is created after 2011. However, if you use the Query Best Phones in India before:2011, you will see the difference. You will get only those result that is made before 2011, therefore this is somewhat more perfect than the earlier one.

Similarly, you can use the after command. Now, you can also use the mix of these two commands to get results in between. For example, Best Phones in India After:2011 Before:2015. This query ask Google to retrieve only those results which creates in between year 2011 and 2015. You also use the commands by specifying the date and month as I already mentioned early in this article.

So, this is all about these two recent Google search commands to more refine your Google Search. Note that, Google still testing these two commands therefore, you may encounter some indefinite result. So, stay chill one day these commands will go stable.

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