Create Instagram Reels upto 30 seconds

Following just after the TikTok ban in India, Instagram launched a similar service Reels at first in India and thereafter soon rolled it out globally.

I think most of you already know that, Reels is a short video making and sharing feature on Instagram. Reels let the user to record, edit, and share videos with a range of audio and visual effects.

Now, although Reels is an alternative to TikTok, both of them are not exactly the same. In video length for sure. On one hand, where TikTok lets the user record and share a video of up to 1 minute length, Instagram Reels still has allowed users to record and share videos up to 30 seconds. Earlier, Instagram Reels allowed videos up to 15 seconds only. In a new update, Instagram Reels has allowed videos up to 30 seconds and they revealed about the same via their twitter handle.

Create Instagram Reels up to 30 seconds

Besides just letting the user to create Instagram Reels up to 30 seconds, the app also extends the timer to 10 seconds while recording. Earlier this time limit was up to 3 seconds only. Also, from now on we can trim and delete any reel clip on Instagram.

Earlier, this month Instagram rolled out a dedicated tab for Reels in India to let the user easily discover Reels on Instagram.

Why does Instagram not allow the user to shoot and upload videos up to 1 minute long?

Letting the user to upload up to 30 seconds long videos, Instagram plays a different game. With this length of video, Instagram has forced the user to create original video content for Reels and cut them to repurpose their 1 minute long TikTok videos on Instagram Reels.

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