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Many of you know that the Indian government has recently banned some Chinese apps in India. These banned apps also include the name of Tiktok, which was a viral app in India. Now some companies are trying to take advantage of Tiktok’s ban in India. Now a report published by Business Insider stated that Instagram is in the process of including a feature like Tiktok. This feature has been named Reels that let the Instagram users upload videos up to 15 seconds in their story. At present, the company has started testing this feature by providing it to select users. Now it has to be seen when Instagram rolls out this feature entirely for all users.

Apart from India, Instagram reels is currently available in Brazil, France and Germany, while it is believed that it will be rolled out globally given its achievement in these places.

This is not the first time Facebook is planning or testing something like Tiktok. Before Reels, if you remember, Facebook had taken an app launch similar to Tiktok, which is named Lasso. However, now Facebook has recently announced that they will close Lasso from July 10.

Now if we look at both Lasso and Reels together, Lasso on one side is an entirely independent app; on the other hand, Reels is dependent on Instagram. Apart from this, this is the first time Facebook has integrated a feature like Tiktok inside any of its apps.

With the closure of Tiktok in India, it was also seen that many Tiktok creators are now moving on Instagram and even urging their viewers to follow them on Instagram. For all these reasons, Facebook seems to have integrated the Reels into Instagram.

Facebook has recently partnered with Saregama to enable users to get Variety of Indian Music on Instagram so that Instagram users can easily integrate Saregama’s music library into their videos.

Now everything depends on the user how much they like or dislike Instagram reels, and this thing will be known in the coming days. For the moment, in the comment, let us know if you have access to Instagram reels and if so, did you like it or not.

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