Facebook Making a Companion app for Instagram called Threads

To increase positivity and engagement on Instagram, the company has launched a new feature to let the user pin any three comments on the top of their Instagram post comment section. Well, Instagram has launched this feature now, but its testing started in May.

The details of this new feature were revealed by Vishal Shah (Vice President of Instagram Product) via his official Twitter handle today. He said this feature helps the user to highlight positive comments and manage the tone of the conversation.

Comming at the juicy part, To pin up any comment at the top of the comment section in an Instagram post, swipe up the comment to the left. As soon as you swipe a comment to the left many options will reveal that include report, delete, reply, and far at the left a pushpin icon to pin the comment at the top. One can pin upto three comments at the top of the comment section on a post.

Beside pinning up the comments on the top, a user can also delete comments in bulk. You heard it right. On Instagram, you can now delete upto 25 comments in one go. On iOS, to do so first, you have to tap on a comment and then click on the dot icon present at the top right corner, and after that, you can select and delete upto 25 comments in one go. One can also block or restrict accounts on Android in bulk by tap and hold on a comment and then tap on the dotted icon and then select Block or Restrict.

Instagram says they brought these features to curb the growing online bulling.

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