Facebook Could Bring an App like TikTok called Lasso
Facebook Could Bring an App like TikTok called Lasso

Facebook Could Bring an App like TikTok called Lasso. TikTok which is formally known by the name Musical.ly. The App which gains popularity among a huge bunch of users in a short amount of time. An App which is a very popular Karaoke cum Lip Syncing App.

Techcrunch reports, Lasso brings similar features like TikTok where you could do Lip Syncing and Dance on popular songs. The App has been clearly designed to compete with TikTok which we know formally by the name Musical.ly earlier. Those of you who don’t know, a Chinese company name Byte Dance owns TikTok. ByteDance Purchase TikTop back in 2017 some around at $1 Billion Dollar.

The App is most popular among teens because of its Lip Syncing feature with popular songs. Moreover, From the App one can mimic dialogues from Famous movies and shows. Still, those who want more can also create viral dance videos. Right now, TikTok has approximately 60 million monthly users. Talking more about Lasso Competitor, Musical.ly officials change its name in August this year. It means Musical.ly got the name TikTok in August this year.

Facebook already rolls out Lip Syncing Feature for one who creates live videos. This feature makes Facebook entertaining because it will let you entertain your friends or family by singing for them. The feature is one thing but launching a whole new app which also supports this feature is a hot one. Let see whether Lasso successfully bent TikTok or not. Moreover, We even don’t know when Facebook Launch this app.

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