OnePlus Switch App
OnePlus Switch App

OnePlus Switch App, an App that is useful while you migrate your old OnePlus Handset files to the new one. With the introduction of this app user who is looking to migrate files from their old handset to the new one is relaxing. OnePlus release this Application to make file migration task more simplistic. Officials want to make the file migration task in OnePlus in a single tap.

According to OnePlus, Right now you can migrate the following set of files via the OnePlus Switch App.

List of Files OnePlus Switch App is capable to Migrate Right Now


The first set of data we require when we migrate from an old handset to a new one is the contact data. And Of course Why not? The initial definition of a phone either it a feature one or a smart one starts with calling and messaging. Moreover, If you have not a contact list present in your Phone many applications have no meaning like WhatsApp etc. So, Don’t worry OnePlus Switch App can easily migrate your contact list data to your new OnePlus Phone. All of this will happen in a single tap.


Messages contain a set of useful data which can’t afford to lose. Therefore, here also this new OnePlus App makes your task easier.

Call Log

Don’t worry about losing the Logs of all the people you call earlier in your old OnePlus handset. You can also migrate this data to your new Handset using the Switch App.

Photos, Videos, Audio and Application

Right now Switch App can’t migrate these set of Apps data but OnePlus says they are working on it and may release this feature in future updates. However, this App can migrate data of what are all the applications that you are installed in your old handset. Via this data the set of apps you want to install in your new handset is easy.

That’s it above are all the files, OnePlus Switch App is capable to transfer right now. However, the company is looking forward to increasing this app capability by introducing migration of Wifi History, Camera Settings, App Data etc.

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