Western Digital Launches 15TB Hard Drive
Western Digital Launches 15TB Hard Drive

Western Digital Launches 15TB Hard Drive. After launching this Hard Drive Western Digital owns the crown of making highest Capacity Hard Drive. The name of this new 15TB Hard Drive is WD Ultrastar DC HC620. Last year Western Digital release 3.5 inches 14TB SMR HDD. Moreover, WD Ultrastar DC HC620 is also of 3.5 inches giving out more storage space in the same 4U 60-unit HDD SAS or SATA enclosure. With WD Ultrastar DC HC620 15TB now this 4U rack space counts up a total storage of 900TB. Giving out 60TB more storage space with the same rack space.

Right now, we don’t know when this Hard Drive will become available for us. However, we do know for now that this massive Hard Drive can be used at places where one have to store a massive amount of data. For example, Data Centers, Video Surveillance Industry, Smart City Projects etc.

WD Ultrastar DC HC620 is the highest capacity Magnetic Hard Drive present in the World Right now. Maybe Seagate breaks this record next year i.e. in the Year 2019 by launching a 16TB Hard Drive, as it announces last year. Those of you who want further more details about this new Hard Drive by Western Digital, read about it at its official blog post.

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