WiFi Alliance Launches WiFi 6
WiFi Alliance Launches WiFi 6

Today WiFi alliance launches Wifi 6, WiFi 5, and WiFi 4. Under WiFi 6 those products and networks are present that supports 802.11ax technology. It is a new kind of naming system that the WiFi alliance team has introduced so far. It is more or less like a generation where its previous generation i.e. 802.11ac now comes under WiFi 5 generation whereas 802.11n comes under WiFi 4.

Now, every device that supports 802.11ac technology now comes under WiFi 5 whereas those which supports 802.11n technology now comes under WiFi 4. When we step up to each WiFi generation we see faster performance and better throughput. According to WiFi alliance CEO, a normal user generally confuses while selecting the latest version of WiFi using the previous naming system. Now, with this new naming system, it became easy to know which one is better.

To know more about WiFi 6 as well as the new naming system you can read the official post here. For now, we just have to say WiFi alliance has done a great work by simplifying the current naming system of WiFi technology.

You can also let us know your opinion about this new WiFi naming system.

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