OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Talks about Wireless Charging
OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Talks about Wireless Charging

Today, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Talks about Wireless Charging. Wireless Charging a feature or concept whose current model is totally unlogical. Now, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau presents some more insight into this technology. In one the forums of OnePlus Pete Lau indirectly points out the current scenario of wireless charging is totally illogical. He compares today’s model of Wireless charging with the Dash one and explains a big difference b/w them using an Example.

He says suppose you want to try Gaming while you charge your phone. In that case, if you choose the today’s wireless charging model you can’t perform the task. Let me explain to you a bit further If you choose to charge your phone via Wireless charging the device must be static. However, In case of Dash Charging you simply put the plug in the socket and connect it to the phone and you can play games and watch a video to the place till the Dash charger wire reaches.

Talking about the power output Dash Charger gives 20 watts of power, so with this amount of juice your device can easily run for a day with a half hour of charge. Moreover, In the case of Wireless Charging the charger produce 15 watts of power. So comparing the time to charge a device, Wireless Charging lags here too.

This is why OnePlus CEO Pete Lau says with today’s model of wireless charging we are not looking to roll it out on our devices.

We don’t know where his directions are but seems like OnePlus 6T will not support Wireless Charging. However, it is not officially clarified.

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