Facebook Video Chat Device Portal

Facebook Video Chat Device Portal, a device similar to Amazo Echo Show. Rumors are coming now that Facebook could unveil this device this week. Facebook wants to launch this device in its Annual developer conference F8 back in May this year. However, Due to the Cambridge analytical scandal, it brings its step backward that time.

Facebook Portal Device which is powered by Alexa digital assistant. Moreover, the company itself takes care of the social features and the video chat service in it. According to a report by cheddar, this device comes in two variant. The larger one costs $400 while the smaller one cost $300 dollars. Comparing this cost with Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal’s cost is quite high. This new device by Facebook also has a wide angle camera which can easily recognize people with the help of AI.

In this device, you can watch videos, listen to music, read news briefs and learn cooking recipes. However, reporting from the official point of view, the launch of this device is right now not official as the company does not give any indication about it.

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