Two Features Which Makes me a Fan of Apple Watch Series 4
Two Features Which Makes me a Fan of Apple Watch Series 4 | Image Credits: Apple

This Year Apple brings Two features which makes me a fan of Apple Watch Series 4. Every year Apple releases some unique products which bring something new to the World. Most of the times it was Smartphone, however, if you ask my opinion this time it is its Smartwatch. Yes, I give the uniqueness credibility to the Apple Watch Series 4 this year.

Many of you think what are those two features but some nasty tech analyst already caches where I will point to. There is no doubt that Apple Watch Series 4 this year introduces a larger display. Giving out the specification both of its model is 2mm larger from its ancestor. So, this time its dimension is 40mm and 44mm instead of its previous one which is 38mm and 42mm. It means the bezels this time shrunk very much.

But here I am not going to talk about Apple Watch Display, Bezels or Chipset. Here I am talking about those two features which bring revolution in the health field. Seems like now you are getting my point, I am talking about Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection Feature and ECG reporting. So, without wasting any time let’s talk about these two features in detail.

Two Features Which Makes me a Fan of Apple Watch Series 4

These are the two features which make Apple Watch Series 4 a unique wearable device. Apple Watch Series 4 is the first smartwatch that brings the ECG reporting feature. Even its fall detection feature is also unique and is now available in any smartwatch till now.

ECG Reporting

When your heart pumps it sends an electrical impulse to your whole body. Now, Apple Watch grabs this impulse via a Digital Crown electrode which is attached to the back panel of the watch.

Furthermore, with the help of ECG app (which company provides later this year) these impulses are converted to ECG waveform just like we see in hospitals. The smartwatch complete all of this task under 30 seconds.

After reading and storing the ECG data, the smartwatch gives you a report of whether your heartbeat rhythm shows sign of atrial fibrillation or sinus rhythm. If smartwatch reports you about atrial fibrillation then your heartbeat pattern is not normal.

However, Sinus Rhythm indicates your heartbeat pattern is absolutely normal. You what is the cool thing? In an emergency situation, you can export all of these reports as fast as you can to your doctor in PDF format.

Fall Detection Feature

This feature is so cool that when I first know about it I totally amazed. Apple Watch Series 4 also comes with Accelerometer and Gyroscope. With the help of these two sensors and a smart algorithm, Apple Watch detects a hard fall. In that situation, the SmartWatch wait for 60 seconds to check whether you are responsive or not? After this time period, it will automatically place a call to your Emergency contacts.

This year seems like Apple make the Smartwatch series 4 more tilted toward health consciousness. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box. To more about Apple Watch Series 4 officially you can visit this link.

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