Instagram GeoFencing Feature
Instagram GeoFencing Feature

Instagram Geofencing Feature allows you to restrict post and stories to display only in certain countries. This feature gives you the ability to feed a list of countries where you want to display a post and story. Only people living in those countries could see your post for which you check in the option. Right now, it seems like this feature is in the testing phase. We got this new feature report from one of the biggest tech tipster Jane Manchun Wong.

She also reveals a photo which shows, how the Instagram Geofencing feature looks like. You can see it by yourself.

Instagram Geofencing Feature Snap
Instagram Geofencing Feature Snap | Image Credits: Twitter @wongmjane

Deducing from the above we believe this feature turn off by default. However, when a user enables this feature, he/she have to select a list of countries where they want to restrict their content.

Giving our insight about this feature we believe, this feature is an important one which Instagram must have to roll out. Giving a user the ability to restrict a content in some countries is helpful if the specific content might violate some policies present in that country. However, right now we don’t know whether this restriction acts on the actual GPS location level or for those users only who writes I live in some country. Moreover, we can’t say much about its technicality of how it works right now.

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