Instagram Share to Feed
Instagram Share to Feed

Instagram Share to Feed is a feature similar to Twitter’s Retweet or Facebook’s Share. Now, it looks like Instagram officials may unveil this feature in the future. However, In the past there is a lot of controversies arise if this feature rolls out. Some experts believe Share to Feed feature rolls out, Instagram will not become an exclusive private platform. Moreover, it will also destroy the beauty of the feed.

Instagram Share to Feed: How it Sucks?

Let me explain you in detail. Suppose you follow number of accounts on Instagram. Now, while you open your Instagram feed you see posts from only those people who matter to you the most. However, specifying clearly, people who matters you most are those whom you follow. Now, if Share to feed feature introduce in the platform, you see posts of some other person’s too in your feed via the person you follow. So, the feed section which is the backbone of any platform, here in case of Instagram sucks. Therefore, a lot of people wants to not include this feature on Instagram.

How Instagram has already rolled out Sharing in many of its parts?

However, Indirectly Instagram has rolled out sharing in many of its not so important section. For example, On Instagram, you could share the other person’s story in your story section, if that person mentions your username in the story. Besides these, you also find the concept of sharing in the Instagram Direct, where you can share a post with your friend if you find it interesting. Other than this you can also share someone’s post by accessing the post link. There are several apps present in Appstore or Playstore which could easily do this task for you.

If you notice all of these sections where right now the concept of sharing is present, lacks broadcasting. However, if Share to feed feature will launch, the concept of feed lies in the hand of broadcasting. You know what I mean.

So, people want this feature will not come out on Instagram because it will also empower fake news. However, The Verge reports they see this feature testing.

Do let us know, what do you think, what are all those negative consequences which might come if this feature rolls out in Instagram?

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