Bing Brings Google AMP Support
Bing Brings Google AMP Support | Image Credits: Microsoft

Bing Brings Google AMP Support in its search engine. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. You can identify it via a lightning bolt. AMP is an open source technology, Google develops to load a page fastly in Mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages are already present in Google search results. You can also find any of our post pages in an AMP format by simply adding the amp at end of URL like this.

Normal URL:


Now, you can see a lightning bolt next to the URL of a site who implement this technology in their portal in the Bing results too. Currently, the only browsers supporting the AMP are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and UC.

On the other hand, Microsoft says they are looking forward to using this technology on their sites as well. Seems like this open source technology by Google got a cache.

Giving our opinion about this technology, we think right now may be the resource about AMP is limited online, but it will grab a pie of internet in future. You can even find a similar kind of technology in Facebook articles too which facebook implements in its portal. You may know it by the name “Instant Articles”.

Curious to know more about AMP, post your queries in the comment section below. We happy to answer your queries.

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