Mozilla Launches Firefox Reality Browser
Mozilla Launches Firefox Reality Browser | Image Credits: Mozilla

Today, Mozilla launches Firefox reality Browser. Devices that support the First Patch of Firefox Reality are Oculus, Daydream, and Viveport. Now, you can experience the ultimate 3D web surfing via this standalone Browser in our AR and VR headsets.

Firefox reality is not just giving you only the 3D web experience, but it also gives you the immersive 2D experience too. Andre Vrignaoud, the Head of Mixed Reality Platform Strategy at Mozilla, says they have to think from the scratch to build Firefox Reality. Even they collect a large amount of feedback from creators and web surfers to collect necessary data on which the pillars are built.

The Browser gives you the ability to the surf the web via your Voice feed. You can use your VR and AR headsets microphone to complete the task. Mozilla says the browser also contains a huge collection of Games, Videos, Environment, and Experiences. All these things pop up as soon as you enter into this browser. Mozilla reveals they build this browser based on their latest Quantum Engine for Mobile Browser.

This is the first version of this Browser, hence the official call it Version 1.0. So, In this version, you won’t find some features like Bookmarks, 360-degree videos etc. However, the company promises to roll all of these in upcoming Patch releases.

Oculus Personel can grab this Browser via this link whereas the Daydream users can grab this Browser via this link. Moreover, Viveport users can directly search Firefox Reality in Viveport store.

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