Chrome 70 Beta brings Fingerprint Authentication
Chrome 70 Beta brings Fingerprint Authentication | Image Credits:

Chrome 70 Beta brings Fingerprint Authentication for Android and Mac. A few weeks earlier, Chrome Celebrated its 10th Birthday. On that occasion, Chrome Developers rolls out the stable 69 version. As we all see, version 69 brings several improvements in Chrome like Omnibar Enhancement, Material Design etc. However, Now, Chrome Developers rolls out Chrome 70 in beta along with various API.

What we saw interesting in this beta version is the Fingerprint Authentication. It means that Chrome now gives access to User Fingerprint to those websites who want to authenticate their user via this technique.

Since Chrome is giving access to Fingerprint data it now hides the Android and iOS build number. It will do so to secure user’s privacy. Web developers use Fingerprint authentication API as a 2-Factor Authentication. This will not only enhance users security but also secure the server side panel.

Chrome 70 Beta also give developers the access to Shape Detection API via which they can test Barcode, Face Shape and Text in Images.

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