WhatsApp Working on the Dark Mode
WhatsApp Working on the Dark Mode

Instant Messaging App WhatsApp Working on the Dark Mode. According to the latest info, Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp working on dark mode. Seems like every native application on the web is curious to implement dark mode in its engine. The need and trend of dark mode significantly rise in past 1 year. Popular native applications like Gmail YouTube etc have already rolled out the dark mode in its engine.

Seems like WhatsApp has now been following the same path. According to WAbeta Info, a popular site which reveals the upcoming features of WhatsApp claims that WhatsApp is working on to bring Dark Mode. However WABeta.info still not clears, Whether this dark mode comes with OLED support or not.

Beside this hot info,  they also post some screenshots of how the dark mode looks like. However, they explain these screenshots are just dummy one for now because it is not verified by the respective officials.

As we all know the popularity of WhatsApp, Most users use it during the night time too. So the need for dark mode is quite important in this app. Dark mode helps you to reduce your eye strain during night time usage. So if this feature rolls out, it will help those users mostly who like to chit chat during night time.

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