YouTube New Gaming Destination
YouTube New Gaming Destination

YouTube New Gaming Destination, a portal that is totally dedicated to Gaming Enthusiast. Here, creators can Live Stream their Gameplay, on the other hand, we can watch Gaming videos and Streams. YouTube reveals approx 200 million users everyday boots up the YouTube to watch Gaming videos and Streams.

This number is so huge that the Community admins decided to build a separate home to relocate these people. Developers decides to call this new Home as YouTube Gaming. As we analyze the portal it has four sections i.e. Home, Lives, Games, and Channels.

Home is the regular Homepage that contains again three sections i.e. Recommended, Spotlight, and Trending. Once you roll over to the Live section you find two subsections there, the first one is Top Live Games and the second one is Top Live Channels. In the Top Live Games section, You will find out the Live Games that are streaming right now. You can also deduce its popularity level by looking through how many users are live watching that particular game. The similar concept is tagged with the Top live channels too.

Similarly, in the Games Section, you will find out the Great collection of Games. Moreover, here you will also see random Game streaming videos posted by Creators. The Channels section gives you the Chance to explore new Creators. Of course yes you subscribe to a creator if you want to regularly see their updated content.

YouTube New Gaming Destination

Back in 2015, Developers from YouTube launches the YouTube Gaming App. After that there they integrate several features like Gaming Pages, Super Chat, Channel Membership, Dark Them, Live streams. However, now YouTube quotes that they will close the YouTube Gaming App in March 2019. This makes it clear that they totally want to shift Gaming creators to this new destination.

You can access this new YouTube Gaming Destination on

That’s it for the info and review from our side. If you want to read further about this YouTube Gaming Destination you can read YouTube’s official blog post.

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